Deciding on a preschool experience for your early learner is a very personal decision. It is important to get all of the facts about the Preschool before you decide.

We understand these concerns and we hope this site will help educate you about Erwin Nursery School and Syracuse City School District Universal Prekindergarten. We have put information about our facilities, our programs, our staff, and our philosophy here for you to learn more about us.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Please get in touch if you have any questions or need more information.

Offering 50+ years of Early Childhood Education in the Syracuse, NY Community
920 Euclid Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13210


Erwin Nursery School generally follows the Syracuse City School calendar with some exceptions.  All programs will close when the Syracuse City Schools are closed for bad weather conditions and for Superintendant's Conference Days .  We will Please tune in to the weather report on any network channel in the morning during bad weather.   


The following is a listing of holidays, vacations, and important dates.  This is subject to change.  

September 7                FIRST DAY FOR ALL STUDENTS       

October 7                     NO SCHOOL- ENS Staff Development      

October 10                   NO SCHOOL - COLUMBUS DAY (H) 

November 8                  NO SCHOOL – Parent-Teacher Conferences

November 11                NO SCHOOL - VETERAN’S DAY (H)  

November 14                NO SCHOOL- ENS Staff Development  

November 15                NO SCHOOL – Parent-Teacher Conferences  

November 23 – 25        THANKSGIVING RECESS  

November 28                SCHOOL REOPENS   

December 23                NO SCHOOL – ENS Staff Development  

December 26 - 30         HOLIDAY RECESS  

January 2                      NEW YEAR’S DAY OBSERVANCE  

January 3                      SCHOOL REOPENS  

January 16                    NO SCHOOL - MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY 

January 30                    NO SCHOOL- Superintendant Conference Day  February 8                    Half day - EPK and AM UPK have a regular day.

                                                     UPK PLUS dismisses at 11:00.

                                                     There will be no lunch.

February 10                  Movie Night- Finding Dory - 5:30
February 20-24             MIDWINTER RECESS   

February 27                   SCHOOL REOPENS  

March 24                       NO SCHOOL- ENS Staff Development  

April 14-21                     SPRING RECESS   

April 24                          CONTINGENCY WEATHER DAY  

April 28                          NO SCHOOL- ENS Staff Development 

May 12                           ENS Spring Concert- 6 pm 

May19                            NO SCHOOL- ENS Staff Development  

May 26                           CONTINGENCY DAY  

May 29                           NO SCHOOL - MEMORIAL DAY (H)  

May 30                           CONTINGENCY DAY  

June 21                          LAST DAY FOR STUDENTS    


This calendar is subject to change.  You will be notified if these dates need to be adjusted.

ENS has evolved over it's 57 years of operation in many ways.  One main change to it's programming is the addition of it's PreK Programs which operate in all of the classrooms. 

The full day UPK room is in need of a bathroom. Currently, the teachers have to leave the classroom to take children to a bathroom down the hall.  This is difficult as it lowers the teacher-child ratio during this time.  This could potentially become a safety issue.

Plans have been drawn, and an estimate of $15,000 has been quoted for this project.  As ENS is a small non-profit private school, this is a large amount that is not in the budget.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!  Please click on the link above.

                                                             Thank you so very much!

Make a donation to ENS.  All contributions will be put towards programming for all classes.

Thank you!