Our Philosophy

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Erwin Nursery School (“ENS”), established in1959 maintains a tradition of providing a safe, loving, child-centered learning environment for early learners. The school is located in the heart of the Westcott/Syracuse University community and serves Syracuse area preschoolers. ENS operates partially

independently (by tuition and private donations), and as a contracted Universal PreK site with the Syracuse City School District.

All of Erwin Nursery School programs provide a comprehensive preschool experience offering a variety of learning methods to develop a wide range of early learning skills.  Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere that encourages the social, emotional, physical, and the intellectual growth and development of the child as a whole. 

Erwin Nursery School's curriculum includes sharing and conversation time; stories, songs, and finger plays; creative art activities and crafts; games and large muscle activities; food preparation; science and nature activities; exposure to shapes, colors, numbers, and letters; and celebration of birthdays and holidays.  Our Core Knowledge curriculum is used in all classes and adapted for all children.

We feel that children benefit from both structured and non-structured learning. Books are read several times a day. The teachers work with individual children, small groups, and everyone (circle time) throughout the day. The children have free access to blocks, books, writing materials, sand, sensory table activities, dress ups, art materials, table top toys, games and puzzles. Outdoor play or indoor large motor activities are an important part of our day as well.

Meet Our Teachers!

  • Miss Gwen - UPK Head Teacher
    Miss Gwen - UPK Head Teacher
  • Mrs. Fay- Head UPK Teacher
    Mrs. Fay- Head UPK Teacher
  • Ms. Archin - UPK T.A.
    Ms. Archin - UPK T.A.
  • Jessica Sanavonxay - UPK PLUS TA
    Jessica Sanavonxay - UPK PLUS TA
  • Julie Guidone - EPK Head Teacher
    Julie Guidone - EPK Head Teacher
  • Dana Griffith - EPK TA
    Dana Griffith - EPK TA
  • Miss Andrea - EPK Teacher Assistant
    Miss Andrea - EPK Teacher Assistant
Miss Gwen - UPK Head Teacher
Miss Gwen - UPK Head Teacher

Why us?

Bright, spacious   rooms that       interest early   learners!

• Music Program

• Art Enrichment 


• Outdoor Play   Area


• Large Indoor

  Gross Motor Area

• Secure, Caring 


•FREE Universal 



•Excellent child/

 teacher ratio

• Certified   Teachers

 Syracuse City   School District     UPK curriculum

 Exciting   Preschool 



 Child-centered   focus