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Our Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum reflects on each of the established critical areas in the development of young children. Within these advancement areas, the Preschool Sequence focuses on nine domains or content areas; each domain covers developmentally-appropriate goals for three, four, and five-year-olds. These goals are broken down into specific, measurable, and sequential skills, upon which teachers plan and implement the Core Knowledge curriculum.



Help your littlest learners harness their energy and potential by teaching them to listen, pay attention, control their behavior, and get along with others. When students enter kindergarten with the self-regulation and social-emotional skills taught in the research-based Second Step program, they’re set up for success.



Eureka Math presents an activity-centered, child-centered, manipulative math program in which

the children learn through the five senses. The program is designed to meet the needs of Prek, kindergarten, first, and second-grade students. The children follow a sequence of activities, varying between the total group, small group, and independent work. The goal of the activities is to help children develop an understanding of and insight into the patterns of mathematics. The activities are designed to help young children see relationships and interconnections in mathematics and to enable them to deal flexibly with mathematical ideas and concepts.


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